Tuesday, November 22

The Subtle Perils of Personal Thought and Belief (brief)

Existentialism is the worldview based on the philosophy of "I exist therefore I am". The deceptive thinking points us to believing that all things center around the "I".

God is real because "I" experience Him, because "I" experience things that lead me to the conclusion thinking life is good and evil, there is a supreme being that controls these things, I am not that supreme being, therefore there is a god, I believe in God. My believing drives me, whether out of curiosity or duty, to know what this God has ordained, after all, He is God.

Existentialism sets up persons with this thinking. When suffering, tragedy occur or when tough questions, seemingly out of joint events are experienced...an existentialist's faith is shaken. The world is thrown off kelter. What the person knows and believes comes into question, subject to even self skepticism, and in worst scenarios, even to self destruction.

In contrast, Christian theistic worldview bases all things from revelation from an external, absolute source. The reason why I know I exist is because the Bible tells me I am created. The reason why I know there is a God is because He chooses to reveal Himself to me. My knowledge of Him is not based on experience and reality, it is based on revelation. Experience and reality are consequences of revelation, meaning, I have experiences and I know reality because I have revelation. Persons with this worldview when going through crisis, trauma, or assailed with unanswerable question/doubts would go back to the tangible source of revelation, the Word of God, as an anchor to hold them steady.

Though a thin line, the distinction is highly significant. A person's view of God and ability to know God on a personal level is determined by where he/she believes this knowledge comes from and how it is attained. Existentialism limits the knowing of God to the self's ability to discover and know while Christianity opens opportunities to discover and know God in infinite levels through revelation.

There is a children's song that goes "Jesus loves me this I know, This I know because the Bible tells me so." An anchor. The reason why enemies of Christ primarily go after discrediting or even casting doubt on the Bible and its authenticity.

But no scholar has ever succeeded in proving the Bible false. It is actually a documented fact that top scholars and respected professionals in their field who have set out to disprove the authenticity and truth of the word of God have they themselves become the staunchest defenders of the Christian faith.

The prophecies that have been realized, historic facts and evidences verified archaeologically, prophecies made long ago coming true today, scientific facts explained thousands of years ago proven today with modern technology...established the Bible for them as undeniable, unquestionable truth.

One could very subtly and subconsciously be led to holding an existentialist worldview as society, media, and culture is permeated and shaped with existentialist philosophy for the last few centuries. Especially Christians as they are the most attractive target of the enemy. Lest one falls, a Christian must guard against corruption of thought and attacks to the very foundation and core of his/her worldview -- the Bible is real and authentic, and all the things I know, I know because the Bible tells me so.

"Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path." (Psalm 119:105 NASB)

Saturday, October 29

SMS :: Lord, please reply

To those praying for a godly husband, the Lord encourages, pray to be a godly wife
To those yearning for love and romance, the Lord invites, fall in love with Me
To those seeking the will of God, the Lord asks, would you choose your fears or would you choose Me?
To those wanting to serve God, the Lord commands, be faithful, even in the little things and always in the present things.
To those hungry for more of God, the Lord promises, there is more -- much, much MORE.

Wednesday, September 21

Who is Your Emergency Contact?

"David inquired again of God, and God said to him, "You shall not go up after them; circle around behind them and come at them in front of the balsam trees." (1 Chronicles 14:14 NASB) David just found out the Philistines had made another raid. At the height of intense pressure or at the lowest valley of life, David's (a man after God's own heart) response is to inquire of God. The intimacy of the personal relationship of David w/ GOD shows in the immediacy of his reaction in seeking God--especially in the midst of attacks/battles.

Lord, I pray, that You are always first in my thoughts, emotions, will, actions, reactions...in Jesus' name I ask, Amen.

Tuesday, July 19

Prism |<>| Get on Track

God is love, love is His character. God's love is unstoppable, nothing you do can stop Him from loving you. His unconditional love means He always wants the best for you. Even while you do not care, it is His character to pursue and bring you back into a relationship with Him. This is love. The void you have been trying to fill, the meaning you have been searching for is a God-shaped vacuum that only He can fill.

Desperate, frantic, searching with no answer ends in either despair or false apathy. Like searching for a lost treasure that you never find, you feel either crushed or you pretend it's the next treasure that will matter. Your searching will never end until you change your mind and believe in what I am saying.  Stop running away, stop protesting, stop pretending. To God, you are the most important person in the world. No sin you have committed is great enough that He has not already died for, no hurt is deep enough that He has not borne. He patiently waits for you. He will not let up. He is ready to meet you where you are.

Disappointment is not an excuse. Disillusionment is a weak escape. Busyness is a farce. Fear never stopped greatness. What other reason may you have to not listen to God? 

Human beings are created for the intangible. Fundamental to the being of humans is our affinity to the Eternal. By this I mean the forever desire for greater things, the lingering feeling that one is meant for something greater, higher, forever.  These are there because you are created in the image and likeness of the Almighty God. You are meant for the eternal. Do not think far out there thoughts, this is not to be unreachable nor ambiguous. Quite simply, believe that this almighty, great, and everlasting God created you in His image and likeness and your purpose is to reflect all of who He is. Therefore, it will be to your best interest to quickly learn who this God is and discover what greatness you have been meant for.

Uncover His goodness.
Understand His righteousness.
Know His gentle and humble spirit.
Dwell on His wisdom.
Embrace His understanding.
Revere His holiness.
Drown in His love.

A runner does not run the race and stop before the finish line. Pick up where you will leave off, sustain the momentum. He is faithful even if we are not, for He can not deny Himself. He chose to die for you than give you up. He will always pick you up, always take you back, and always be after your best.  He will never leave you and will never forget you. He gives you His word.

Even a tiny dot of belief in Him can change your life forever. It is not about what you feel anymore or what you have done or what the world has told you. All of your past has brought you to this present moment that you may decide for yourself that you would believe in who He is: the Almighty GOD who has done what none could -- the complete work to restore you to Him for eternity. Restored, when Jesus the Christ, the very image of the Almighty God, died on the cross, fulfilling all the requirements of the Law, and on the third day resurrected, overcoming death once and for all. Do you believe this?

If yes, then turn and become who He has intended you to be. Receive Him and be transferred from death unto eternal life.

If no, then I pray that God would help your unbelief. For it is only Unbelief that hinders you from experiencing pure joy and peace that is yours for eternity.

Get on track. Return to God.

Monday, November 29

Tuesday, May 18

Prism |<>| Worship

Oh! That my very existence would bring glory to God Most High!

Tuesday, February 23

Prism |<>| A Matter of Perspective

I have discovered that the key to eliminating a myopic vision in life is to keep our focus on the God of the universe.